A Green Pet Shop |What Our Symbols Indicate

How Are We A Green Pet Shop?

We give honest and transparent information about the products we choose to stock enabling you to make a more informed decision on what to buy. Our Symbols show at a glance if the product you’re looking at is organic, locally produced, sustainably sourced or recyclable or made from recycled material. We have added more detailed information about the products green credentials in each product description should you want to know more about the product.

Here is what each of our symbols indicate:
OrganicLocally ProducedSustainably SourcedRecyclable Materials
The term organic has a legal definition and anything sold as organic is strictly regulated.

We try to use organic wherever we can because of the huge environmental benefits, the benefits to us and of course the benefits to our pets.

Organic food is GM and pesticides free. Organic ingredients can be fully traced right back to the farmer.

Organic farming methods reduce pollution and greenhouse gasses. Crops are rotated and farmers use compost and manure allowing soil to remain fertile rather than depleting it of nutrients resulting in poorer quality food.

Organic farms increase natural, safe habitats for wildlife. Animal welfare standards are higher on organic farms. These farms adhere to organic standards and organic policies which are laid down in European Union (EU) Law. These
standards ensure that organic farm animals have plenty of outdoor space and truly are free range.

Organic textiles and materials are produced on organic farms. They are manufactured without harmful chemicals and synthetic additives are kept to a minimum.

We endeavour to stock products produced locally and made from locally sourced materials and ingredients.

We define local as within the UK.

Choosing local means less impact on the environment.

Sometimes choosing local cannot be achieved. Our promise of complete transparency ensures that we shall state where the product or materials and ingredients to produce the product originate from.

If a product is not locally produced but you know of a replacement option that meets all of our values please do let us know.

We try to choose sustainably sourced and sustainably farmed products. Choosing
sustainable products ensures that we are not exhausting natural resources or harming the environment. We are a low carbon company.

Sustainability is an extremely integral part of animal welfare. By choosing recycled, recyclable, locally produced and organic we are supporting both animal welfare and sustainability.

As part of our commitment to the environment we actively source products that are made from and packaged in recycled materials and/or materials that can be recycled or composted after your pet has finished with them.

Some products are not made from recycled materials and some products cannot be recycled after use. In these cases we will make that clear as part of our promise of transparency. These products are of great benefit to your pet which is why we will continue to stock them.

If a product is not made from recycled or recyclable materials but you know of a replacement option that meets all of our values please do let us know.