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JR Pure Goat Sticks

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JR Pure Range Goat Sticks 50g.
An award winning treat. 100% Goat and that is all! 

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JR Pure Goat Sticks are an award winning pure treat made from just one single ingredient- top quality Goat. The 100% pure Goat can be used whole or broken into pieces for smaller treats. They come in 50g packs. A totally natural and pure treat for all breeds of dog, responsibly sourced and manufactured in a human-grade factory in Europe. JR’s promise: grain free, gluten free and wheat free. As with all treats available from The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop these have no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.
Environmental Impact.
Organic Ingredients
Ingredients are not organic.
Sustainably Sourced
Ethically Sourced Goat.
Locally Produced
Sourced from Europe.
Recyclable Materials
Packaging is recyclable.

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Weight 50 g


JR Pure Goat Sticks

Ingredients Explained: (Click on each ingredient for a detailed account of its health value for your dog)


Typical Analysis: Protein 66%, Crude Oils and Fats 7.5%, Moisture 9.2%, Crude Ash 7%, Crude Fibres 0%.


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