Beco Food For Dogs MSC Cod and Haddock


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[/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]Beco Food For Dogs MSC Cod and Haddock 2Kg.
Ethically and Locally Sourced, Gluten & Grain Free 

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We are delighted that eco-friendly pet brand Beco Pets have produced their own range of sustainable and healthy complete dried food for dogs. Beco Food For Dogs is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients. This natural, nutritious, healthier food is made in a more eco-conscious way. Beco only use fresh, sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients which we at The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop insist upon in all the food and treat products we stock. Beco’s thinking is that the hypoallergenic food is both better for your pet and also better for the environment and we agree.

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Beco Food For Dogs MSC Cod and Haddock

  • Fish meal free
  • Ethically and locally sourced
  • Gluten & grain free
  • Veterinary approved
  • Simple ingredients for a balanced diet and easy digestion
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Improves vitality
  • Manufactured in the U.K.

[/su_list][/su_column][/su_row][su_row][su_column size=”3/3″]Available in 2Kg resealable and fully compostable packs. 
Created with a Pet nutritionists using ethically sourced MSC certified North Atlantic fish and locally sourced vegetables and herbs, all enriched with superfoods to give your dog the boost it needs. This freshly-prepared fish recipe is rich in Omega 3, which helps give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin. Beco only use natural, honest ingredients, free from grains, preservatives, additives & meat and fish derivatives. What you see on this bag is what you get.
Beco Food For Dogs MSC Cod and Haddock is made with Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish. What is MSC FISH? Marine scientists agree over-fishing and the depletion of fish stocks is now a global problem. Beco uses only Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish. Their food contains high-quality, sustainably-caught fish, helping preserve our oceans for generations to come.
This recipe is crammed with natural prebiotics and superfoods like kale, chickpeas, pumpkin, and chicory root helping your dog’s digestion and immune system. Kale is one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods. It is a fantastic anti-oxidant and is packed with lots of Vitamin A, helping your dog’s urinary health. Chicory is a world-class prebiotic and source of inulin which is good for digestion and bone health. Pumpkin is super-nutritious for your dog. It’s a rich source of fibre and is loaded with lots of disease-fighting nutrients including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins C & E.
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Ingredients are not organic. [/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″] logoSustainable[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″] Sustainably Sourced
Ethically and Sustainably Sourced MSC certified North Atlantic fish[/su_column][/su_row][su_row][su_column size=”1/4″] [/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″] Locally Produced
Locally Sourced and Locally Produced.[/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″] [/su_column][su_column size=”1/4″]Recyclable Materials
Packaging is compostable.[/su_column][/su_row][/su_box]

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Weight 2000 kg


Beco Food For Dogs MSC Cod and Haddock

Ingredients Explained: (Click on each ingredient for a detailed account of its health value for your dog)

30% Freshly Prepared MSC White Fish,  
Potato Protein  
Pea Protein  
Sunflower Oil  
Brewers Yeast  
Salmon Oil  
Vegetable Stock  
Free Range Egg  
Milk Thistle  
Burdock Root  
Stinging Nettle  
Grapeseed Extract  

[su_row][su_column size=”1/5″]Typical_Anaiysis_Postit[/su_column][su_column size=”4/5″]Typical Analysis: Protein 22%, Crude Oils and Fats 10%, Moisture 8%, Crude Ash 7%, Crude Fibres 3.5%.


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