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Beco Cat Litter Tray


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Beco Cat Litter Tray
With a high back hood for extra kick back protection.

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The attractive Beco Cat Litter Tray is an easy clean tray with a click-on hood to catch any kickback, keeping your floor litter free.
Made from a unique biohybrid material that includes bamboo and cornstarch, by using plant-based materials we’ve reduced the use of petroleum plastic by 30%.

This tray washes well in warm soapy water. The hood can be detached easily meaning you can clean both parts separately to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Spick and span for your feline friend. Sturdy and stable the tray is a good size for kittens and cats.

Uniquely made with Bamboo fibres blended with rice husks, a by-product of rice farming. The natural strength of bamboo makes them as tough and hard-wearing as plastic alternatives.

Why use Bamboo? Well, Bamboo grows in abundance 30 x faster than trees. In turn, producing 30 x more oxygen and absorbing 35 x more carbon dioxide. It’s a cut-and-come-again plant, which means it can be cropped without disrupting the root ball, minimising carbon release when it’s harvested.
The other materials used are cornstarch and rice husks. Cornstarch, a renewable material, is converted into polymers so it has the strength and versatility of plastic. Rice husks, a byproduct of rice farming, are added to reinforce and strengthen the end product.

The Beco Cat Litter Tray is available in 3 different colours, whatever suits your cat’s style best!

Available in: Blue, Pink, and Natural.

Key Points

  • 30% plant-based materials
  • Non-porous
  • Kickback lid
  • Easy clean
  • Detachable lid
  • Available in 3 colours

Beco Litter Tray Dimensions:

  • Depth of base is 10cm
  • Dimensions: 51cm x 40cm x 16.5cm (L x W x H)

Also available are the matching Beco Cat Litter Scoop.

Environmental Impact.
Organic Pet Products
Organic Materials
Materials are not organic but are 30% plant-based.


Sustainably Sourced Pet Products
Sustainably Sourced
Not accredited to be sustainably sourced.


Locally Sourced Pet Products
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Not produced locally.


Recyclable Pet Products
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Packaging is fully recyclable.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg

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Bamboo powder, Polypropylene, Cornstarch, Bran coat/rice husk

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