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Beco Bags Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags


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Beco Bags Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags.
Make cleaning up after your pet as eco- friendly as possible

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Beco Bags Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags are big, strong, and leak-proof. Coming in at 33 x 22cm, these leak-proof bags cater for almost all poop sizes (apologies to any owners of pet elephants).
Made using 40% post-consumer recycled material, these bags are thick and the seams are strong, so you know you can rely on them every time.

They come in recycled and recyclable card packaging with a recycled and recyclable inner cardboard tube.

Beco Bags make cleaning up as eco-friendly as possible. Unlike other bags, Beco Bags are completely degradable and will break down naturally after you dispose of them making these eco-friendly dog poo bags.

They’re extra thick, so they don’t split.

Beco Bags Eco-Friendly Dog Poo Bags fit perfectly into Beco Pockets or other bag dispensers.


  • PE (40% post-consumer
  • Post-consumer recycled

Beco Bag Dimensions

  • Bags on roll: 22.5 x 33cm
  • Bags with tie handles: 18 x 33cm


  • Available in boxes of 60 bags, 120 bags, 270 bags all on rolls, or a box of 120 bags with handles.

Key Points

  • Big, strong & leak-proof
  • Extra thick
  • Made using recycled materials
  • Unscented
  • Recycled packaging


If you prefer to use scented bags then you might like our Beco Bags Mint Bags. Or, why not try our fully compostable Beco Bags Compostable Bags.

Environmental Impact.
Organic Pet Products
Organic Materials
Materials are not organic but 40% recycled and recyclable.


Sustainably Sourced Pet Products
Sustainably Sourced
Made from sustainable, ethically sourced materials.


Locally Sourced Pet Products
Locally Produced
Not produced locally.


Recyclable Pet Products
Recyclable Materials
Packaging is fully recyclable. Product is fully degradable.

Additional information

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• PE (40% post-consumer
recycled) for bags
• Post-consumer recycled
cardboard for box and inner tube


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