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The 1st Cotton Bud specially designed for cleaning dogs' ears.
50 buds in a resealable pack.

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The BambooSticks unique design allows for quick and complete cleaning of your dogs’ ear. The King Size cotton bud is 12 times more absorbent than a standard cotton bud and its shape ensures that you won’t reach the eardrum, even on larger breeds of dog.
BambooStick allows for quick, easy and painless ear cleaning.

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Main advantages of BambooSick

  • Enhanced cotton head area for effective and complete cleaning
  • Great absorption capacity – 12 times more than a standard “human” cotton bud
  • Allows you to clean the dog’s ear without any risk of touching the eardrum
  • Enables a quick, easy and painless ear care
  • Ecologically friendly, 100% biodegradable
  • Designed, tested and approved by veterinarians and groomers

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Not produced locally.
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Weight 60 kg


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