Loyalty Reward Treats

Get your tail wagging with our Loyalty Reward Treats.

Get 5 treats for every £1 you spend in store. That’s 5% of your order total to save or spend.
100 treats = £1
Loyalty Reward Treats

How Does It Work?

When you make a purchase you earn 5 points or as we like to say ‘treats’ for every £1 spent. These treats are added to your Loyalty Reward Points balance. You can use these treats as money off on your next purchase or keep on saving, a bit like burying a bone for another day.
The amount of treats available on each product and the amount of treats needed to buy a product is shown on the products page and again at the check out page.

Please note that Reward Points are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.

Other ways to top up your treats balance:

Get 200 treats just for signing up.

Refer a friend and get 10 treats when they join.

Refer a friend and get 100 treats after their first purchase.

Like our Facebook page and get 10 treats.

Follow us on Twitter and get 10 treats.

It’s just one of our ways to say thank you for your custom and loyalty.

Getting started is easy:
a) simply open a Loyalty Reward Treats Account on our checkout page,
b) using this page,
c) sign up through facebook.

Already have a Loyalty Reward Treats Account?
Check out your balance here and see how many treats you have to spend.