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Cattery Or Cat Sitter?

Cattery Or Cat Sitter?

If you’re trying to decide between Cattery Or Cat Sitter this Summer, maybe our blog post can help you to decide.

Whether you are returning to work after the joys of working from home or simply deciding to venture off on a well-needed break, deciding what to do with your feline friend can be a troublesome task. 


Despite the belief that cats are independent souls, our four-legged friends require just as much social interaction and mental stimulation as their canine counterparts, and not doing so can ultimately lead to destructive and rather bad behaviours. 

Here at The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop, we are dedicated to supporting all your pets – canine or feline so we have created some extra help in deciding whether dropping your mog off at kitty daycare (at a local cattery) or hiring us to give your cat some VIP treatment is just what they need this summer.

Cattery Care

Catteries can be a fantastic find for your feline friend. Run by cat adorers and experts, there is no doubt your heart and soul would be well looked after in your time of need. Dedicated to helping reduce anxiety, and encourage positive socialisation and mental stimulation – a cattery can truly be a class place for your cat. 

However, just opting for a cattery on a whim can leave your furry friend in quite a bit of distress. If your cat has been left at home to wander and acclimatise to their surroundings, being enclosed with other cats may lead to destructive, anxious, or potentially aggressive behaviours if your cat feels uncomfortable, or threatened.

 If deciding to place your cat in a cattery for a period of time, it is best to implement this in their kitten years to help them adjust to potential visits in the future – house cats adapted to being in one, solitary space will struggle to adapt to a social and busy atmosphere without mum or dad on helping hand.

A Naturally Healthy Helper

If your cat is a definite home bird and the thought of a cattery sounds rather too stressful – why not try hiring a cat sitter or a daily feeder to visit your home whilst you return to work or venture off on holiday. 

This situation can massively reduce your cat’s stress levels but like any pet/stranger interaction – it is best to introduce your cat to their new pet sitter prior to leaving them alone. Perhaps have them around for a short period of time to play and interact with your cat so when feeding time is calling – your cat isn’t too nervous when a stranger approaches. 

Here at the The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop, alongside our regular dog walking and house sitting business, we can provide daily visits for your cat too so all our furry friends can feel like Very Important Pets no matter where their hoomans might be. 

Our Cat Feeding Service has 5-star reviews and many of our clients have been using our services for many years.

Interested in our cat care services? Simply contact us here and one of our lovely team will get back to you as soon as possible, or give us a call on 07706976290.

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