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It’s time to care for our planet as much as we do for our dogs. We’re dedicated to making the highest quality products for your pets, in the most sustainable ways possible. So you can focus on the important stuff, like belly rubs and back scratches. – The Beco Mission

Beco Pet Products was one of the first companies we turned to when choosing our products. Their environmental ethos and the quality and care they put into their products makes them a perfect company for The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop to work with.

Beco use natural rubber, sustainably harvested hemp and recycled bottles to make toys for cats and dogs. Their range of eco- friendly accessories is always growing.

Beco food is made with either Free Range Chicken, MSC Certified Sustainable Cod, or Wild Boar a low carbon red meat.

They are also proud winners of the Ethical Award.

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BE:LOVED Natural Petcare. Proper pampering from palm to paw.  Our EcoPledge: Less packaging = fewer plastics
A luxury but affordable  range of natural wellness and pampering products for your pet. – Be:Loved

Be:Loved is an innovative, handmade range of wellness and lifestyle products for pets and their parents.   The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom, a farmhouse animal husbandry care book that Carina’s family used to create cures for their stock.
Award winning, natural pet-care with products hand made in the UK.

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Cyrils Soap Shed makes award-winning, palm oil free, goats milk soaps, handmade in Hampshire.

Their story:
We were already on the road to self-sufficiency with our chickens and vegetable gardens on our Hampshire smallholding,  and so we decided to get a goat for milk. We decided on one goat, however, to cut a long story, we came back from the local activity farm with 2 goats. Penny and Florence.

The following year they kidded and started producing LOTS of milk, despite us not taking the kids away from mum, they were still providing us with over 8 pints a day! We learnt how to make cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and butter, and still had lots of milk left over! We needed to find something else to make…

So, we set about learning how to make Goats Milk soap ‘properly’ and from scratch using the Cold Process method to produce the best soaps.

We let our goats raise the kids naturally. At 3 weeks the babies are put in the ‘nursery’ overnight but returned to their mum’s first thing in the morning after milking. We only milk once a day, so the babies have plenty!

We do not take the kids away from mum. We let our goats raise the kids themselves, and when they self-wean at around 6mths old we then look for forever homes for them.

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Experts in herbal pet care!

We are the leading authority on veterinary herbal supplements which we have been producing for over 70 years.

It is clear to see how important ethics and honesty were to my grandfather at the very beginning and I am proud those threads of honesty, quality, and trust still run through the core of everything we do. From ingredient sourcing right through to our customer service, it is this which I believe has ensured Dorwest has stood the test of time. – Jo (A third-generation member of the Dorwest family).

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We’re a bunch of Devonian dog lovers and experts in pet nutrition who’ve been developing and producing natural pet food for 50 years – Forthglade

Natural ingredients, made in Devon, free from junk, established in 1971.

We’re based in the heart of the Devonian countryside at our factory where our team of dog lovers develop and produce all of our wet meals.

We’ve got 50 years’ expertise in pet nutrition and our team of four-legged taste testers make sure each recipe is tail-waggingly tasty.

We believe your pets’ food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated so we keep our recipes simple and our meals naturally nutritious. We pride ourselves on the wonderful quality of the ingredients we use in our recipes, most of which come from the UK.

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“Everyone here at Goodchap’s believes that dogs deserve only the best. So in 2018 we developed a range of treats and gifts that every hound and human would love, so you can show your four legged friends just how much they mean to you.” – Goodchap’s

Goodchap’s is one of our favourite companies. All of their fish based treats are sustainably sourced from established and trusted fish merchants within the UK. Their packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable and eco-friendly. As Goodchap’s say, every time you’re out for a doggy paddle in the sea or walking in the countryside, you can be sure you won’t find any plastic pollution from Goodchap’s!

They are also proud winners of Petquip’s Silver Award Product of the Year 2020.

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We all strive to give our pets the best in life but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what exactly is the best. Often we will look at a packet of treats or a dog shampoo and see a long list of ingredients that are difficult to decipher. It can be tricky to tell if what we are giving our dogs really is good for them. That’s why we’ve created i am natural – to provide treats and grooming products for dogs that are pure, simple, good, and natural.

Pure ingredients with no added nasties

Simple, straight forward recipes

Good products to benefit your pet without any added bad stuff

Natural ingredients with no artificial additives

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We’re passionate, highly experienced & naturally unique! 

Animal welfare is top priority at JR. Our products are responsibly sourced from Europe and we use only the best quality raw material. – JR Pets

Jonathan and Rebecca’s passion for pets, innovation, quality and nutrition led them to create their business JR Pet Products. With an ever-growing range of 100% natural treats for pets, JR Pets is a company that we are proud to work with. For The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop as a raw feeding advocate, being able to stock treats that compliment raw feeding perfectly, is fantastic.

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When we embarked on our journey to revolutionise and re-engineer the dog ball launcher, we had a key requirement. Our business should not negatively impact the environment and our product should be ethically made. As a start-up, it was relatively easy to design our product and business plan with the environment and valuing people as a core feature. – Kompact9

Alex and Karen have done an amazing job and created the world’s first retractable ball thrower, and it’s eco-friendly.

We are really proud to be supporting such a great, ethical company.

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Spike’s history began in 2000. We had been animal care experts for many years prior, so when we realised there was no specialist hedgehog food to feed our spiky little friends, we knew we had to help! After months of development and nutritional research, we were ready to turn hedgehogs into guinea pigs! We asked the prickly residents of our local hedgehog sanctuary, Hedgehog Care at Authorpe, to try the new food. They loved it – and, more importantly, they thrived on it. Spike’s was born. – Spike’s Food

Naturally nutritious and produced lovingly in Blackburn, Lancashire, Spike’s provides a complementary food for wild hedgehogs.

Our goal is to ensure the stability of wild hedgehogs in an already declining population. That’s why we partner with charities including The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Amazing Grace, an initiative led by Dr Brian May’s charity, the Save Me Trust.

At The Naturally Healthy Pet Shop we love Hedgehogs and want to do our bit in helping populations increase, that’s why we chose to stock Spike’s as our first wildlife product.

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All natural, nothing else.

Verm-X Original provides a naturally effective aid to gut vitality, with a wholesome list of associated benefits including improved digestion and increased energy levels. Easy to feed as a liquid, pellets, a powder or as a daily treat for dogs and cats.

At Verm-X, we’ve always been passionate about taking a natural approach to animal health. To exploring the alternatives to artificial chemical treatments. In 2000, curious to learn more, Philip Ghazala, our Founder and MD, contacted the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Philip discovered that, before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals in the 1930’s, herbs had been the answer for animal health and wellbeing; their natural active ingredients promoting complete health for generations.

We developed Verm-X with this natural approach in mind, a holistic answer to animal health and vitality and a mindful approach to caring for the environment.

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